of CEO's say digital improvements have led to increased revenue



Digitally matured businesses are 23% more profitable than their less mature peers


Digitally optimised businesses are 64% more likely to achieve their business goals than their peers.


increase in customer satisfaction when digital transformation is focused on customer experience

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Business buy-in, employee pushback and lack of expertise to lead digitisation initiatives are three of the major barriers to digital transformation

Source: Jabil

How we will help you modernise

We know it's a lot to take in. That's why we will manage your modernisation project from start to finish - keeping you and your employees engaged throughout

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Assess the state of your legacy systems and uncover efficiency & data issues, security vulnerabilities and unnecessary costs.
This will help us build your modernisation plan and roadmap.


Through our Fusion process, we will create your project roadmap that will include the choice of the right modernisation method, risk management, essential and desired functionality, expected user experience and cost & time estimation.

Training & Consultancy

Our team of tech consultants, UI/UX experts and developers will design and build your modernised systems to empower you to achieve your goals and move forward.

Design & Implement

We help you build your business case to get buy-in from your board, creating a shared vision and objectives. We will also consult and train your team throughout the project to ensure employee acceptance and engagement.

Whatever your goals are, from increasing efficiencies and productivity, scaling your business, preparing to exit, or winning and retaining more customers, legacy systems can be are a real roadblock to your business success.

The problems of legacy systems

Working with legacy technology:

Hurts your productivity and employee satisfaction

Slows you down, is hard-to-use and dysfunctional

Is extremely expensive to maintain 

Makes your data hard-to-access and use

Prevents your systems from talking to each other

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Your journey towards modernisation

We manage all your modernisation project from start to finish - keeping you and your employees engaged throughout

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Everything you ever wanted to know about legacy systems modernisation

"Working with Calls9, we have been able to develop bespoke, scalable digital solutions that encourage & foster collaboration, better market our offer, and ensure clients can connect easily with an expert lawyer anywhere in the world. "

"Calls9 team are a highly-skilled, experienced group, with an extensive amount of knowledge. This is priceless, when a business requires the right detail, the right visuals and dynamics to build a business' profile."

Paul Sconce

International Business Development Manager, Euravia

Meet the Calls9 team

We've helped scale-ups, and leading brands unlock their potential through technology for over 10 years.

We explore, challenge and develop your ideas into something that will help your business grow, or help you launch a new business. 

It’s much more than a standard agency will deliver and you’ll feel the difference from the moment you start working with us.

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An audit designed to optimise your website and maximise your revenue

Your website's aesthetics, content quality, navigation, functionality, and speed are directly related to your revenue. And these are the exact aspects our experts (not robots) will assess for you.

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Insights from our team

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Imogen Lee

Director of International Marketing and Communications

A practical, jargon-free guide to help you maximise the performance of your legacy systems.

We've designed and optimised websites for:

Working with underperforming systems?

indemnity and insurance
the go network
bona fide

Hassle-free, no obligation, no hard sales

indemnity and insurance
the go network
bona fide

Our audit along with suggestions will help you:

Increase visibility and traffic 

The results

Boost user engagement 
and trust  

Boost conversions and increase revenue

Improve your website's functionality, look and feel 

Here is your Legacy Systems 
Survival Guide

11 killer questions to identify legacy systems issues

5 reasons why you should modernise 

7 modernisation approaches and how to choose the best

How to build a strong business case to secure buy-in

Real modernisation success stories + industry statistics

A roadmap to kick-start your modernisation

The impact they have on your business

This is guide is perfect for:

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Business leaders 

who want to scale sustainably, increase revenue,  satisfy and retain their workforce.

Senior marketing executives 

who require better data to improve customer experience and satisfaction.

Business operation leaders

who want to increase efficiencies, boost productivity and reduce operating costs.

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